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This is one of the major reasons Brook is among my favourite characters of all time. The layers of character depth he has are incredible.

On the surface level, he’s a 9ft tall, living dead skeleton whom they first encounter aboard a ghost ship out in the dark fog of a haunted ocean. Pretty creepy, right? Yeah, hella creepy.

It doesn’t take very long however, for us to find that there’s more to this skeleton than meets the eye (though he doesn’t have any! Yohoho!); on the second level, he’s a complete dork. Seriously, what kind of skeleton is afraid of zombies and ghosts? Out of the entire crew, the guy who screams the loudest when something spooky or supernatural shows up is the skeleton. Go figure. No need to even mention all the jokes he makes about being dead. Atop all this, he is very sweet, loyal, encouraging, and protective of his crew. He can be quite inappropriate at times (and if you study Japanese and all of its levels of politeness, you’ll appreciate the humor of him saying rude things in a very polite way), and very unconventional, but it’s all part of what makes him the ridiculous goof-ball of character he is. As far as undead skeletons go, he is freaking adorable, and despite his towering physique and phantomesque appearance, he’s not scary at all.

But his character goes another step deeper than this again.

All dorkiness aside, Brook is still the skeleton of a man who once died, but came back from the land of the dead. Even before his passing, he’d seen death and fire (we still know next to nothing about the first 38 years of his life!!). But as the user of the yomi-yomi no mi, he actually did glimpse the Land of the Dead for a short while, and (notably after the timeskip) he has become more in-tune with the abilities he gained. He can freaking summon the chill of the underworld. That is actually terrifying. It takes a lot to get him mad, but one of his instant beserk buttons is when any of his Nakama are threatened or hurt. And Brook is not the type of guy whose bad side you’d want to be on. Just thinking of the difference in his vocal tone from the almost always present ‘yohoho!’ to the ghostly muttering of ‘hanauta sancho’ once he’s sliced an opponent open and it’s difficult to believe it’s the same character…

So basically, while on the surface, Brook does look the scariest out of the crew, you only need to know him for a few moments to figure out that only a little further down, he isn’t scary at all. Deeper down however… he’s even more fearsome than his surface appearance lets on. In my honest opinion, he really is the scariest person in the crew.

There is waaaaaaay more I would say about him (I owe you all an in depth piece about what I think could have happened in those first 38 years as hinted in this post after my exam next week), but I’ll leave it there for now.